Real Training to Awesome Music

The Ride Revolution HIT Series motto is Real Training to Awesome Music. This style of training not only facilitates physical fitness but allows us to train mental fitness and toughness, otherwise known as resilience.

What is ride revolution™?

Ride Revolution HIT Series is a 30-minute-high intensity training session targeting athletic performance on a stationary bike. The program design has purposefully left out the “interval” to allow for more variation in the training.

Ride Revolution HIT is a fitness and performance driven training session. We train Speed, Power and Strength using appropriate load on the stationary bike to create the desired response in our training. Rest is as important as the Speed, Power and Strength, and not just during the training session but between the training sessions too.

What's included?

Each volume includes:

Downloadable .mp3 licence-free original music (Can be played at both licence and non-licence venues - this is a feature)

Access to corresponding Ride Revolution HIT Series Workout Plan as a downloadable pdf

Access to corresponding Ride Revolution HIT Masterclass for eduction and training

*Each Volume is sold separately.

our training

To achieve the best fitness results high-intensity-training drives the heart rate above 80 – 85% maximum heart rate for 20-minutes or more of the 30-minutes duration of the workout.

As a Ride Revolution HIT Coach we have a role to believe in our participants more than they themselves do and then guide them to a training performance they would not have potentially reached on their own.

This is Real Training to Awesome Music.

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