Become a Ride Revolution
HIT Coach

Ride Revolution is on a mission to create remarkable experiences of mind, body, and soul and to celebrate fitness, health, and ability. We need you to join us in our mission to facilitate the joy that follows overcoming challenge in your fitness community.

The Ride Revolution team are ready to support you on your journey to becoming a Ride Revolution HIT Coach.

What to expect?

Ride Revolution HIT Series Training is currently a 2-day face-to-face training course to prepare you to become an amazing Ride Revolution HIT Series Coach.

The 2-day weekend training course is a thorough physical and mental dive into how this 30-minute-high intensity training program on a bike is backed by science and education systems that allow new HIT Coaches to take this program into their respective fitness clubs and create remarkable experiences.

The Ride Revolution HIT Series Training will provide all the necessary training materials online including a detailed Ride Revolution HIT Series Training manual, a corresponding masterclass training video, the music for the HIT Volume that accompanies the masterclass video and the associated choreography notes.

Ride Revolution HIT Series trainees will setup an online account that will contain all their training materials, pre-training education videos and articles, and checklists to ensure everything is in order for what will be an epic and life-changing weekend.

The Ride Revolution trainees account will then become the access point for certified Ride Revolution HIT Series coaches to purchased current and future HIT Volumes.

The Outcomes

Across the 2-day Ride Revolution HIT Series Training we present a world-class live masterclass, the science of high intensity training, understanding the Ride Revolution HIT Series choreography notes, technique drills, systems to safe, effective, and motivational coaching, how to create connected and memorable experiences.

Trainees will have multiple opportunities to present their assigned tracks with allocated practising time to implement to learnings from across the 2-days.

Trainees who meet the certification criteria will certify across the 2-days and be ready to take the Ride Revolution HIT Series into their fitness clubs.

Trainees who do not meet the certification criteria across the 2-day training will be able to work with a mentor across the subsequent 8-weeks to continue developing in a safe environment and can certify via video submission or where the opportunity presents in a live venue.

We want as many Ride Revolution HIT Coaches out there possible to create remarkable fitness experiences across the country in their communities!


If you are ready to train with us and become a catalyst for change in your community, to create remarkable experiences and to love fitness all over again follow the link below to see our current Ride Revolution HIT Series Training schedule.

Real training to awesome music.