Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to attend the HIT Coach Training Course?

To become a Ride Revolution™ HIT Coach you will be required to attend the 2-day training program which is $399.00 inc GST.

How long is the HIT Coach Training Course?
The HIT Coach Training Course is 2 full days of face to face training.
Where do you hold the HIT Coach Training?
We are currently training coaches in South East Queensland but will travel if the minimum requirements are met. Contact us to find a solution for your Club/Gym.
Am I certified to coach in Clubs/Gyms after the 2 days of training?

Coaches who demonstrate or meet the assessment criteria will certify to Ride Revolution™ HIT Coach on day 2.

Coaches who meet only 2 out of the 3 assessment criteria will continue their journey with a mentor and have 8 weeks to submit a certification video.

Coaches who do not meet 2 out of the 3 assessment criteria will be required to re-sit the certification for a fee of $200.00.

Do I need any other qualifications to teach Ride Revolution™?

Yes, once you have finished your HIT Coach Training you will need to obtain or hold one of the following:

  • GEL (Group Exercise Leader) – ($549.00 up front or payment plan of $59 per week as at Oct 2022) More info here
  • BaseGX – Currently $500.00 (Oct 2022) More info here
  • Cert III in Fitness – RTO of your choice – AIF and Fitness Institute both offer these courses.
  • Cert IV in Fitness – RTO of your choice – AIF and Fitness Institute both offer these courses.

Your Club/Gym may also require you to hold the relevant insurances and first aid/CPR certificates.

Does my Club/Gym need a licence to have Ride Revolution™ classes on offer?

Yes, your gym will require a licence which is paid directly to Ride Revolution™; on a monthly basis.
OR you as a HIT Coach can hold the licence yourself and teach anywhere you like!

How much is the licence?

For Clubs/Gyms the licence fee is $88.00 inc GST per month. (minimum 12 month commitment)

For instructors this will be complementary for 2023 as the program builds a presence in clubs around the country and the world.

From 2024 there will be an annual instructor fee of $132.00 inc GST.


How much are the HIT Volumes?

HIT Volume prices are as follows:

  • $66.00 inc GST for a Licenced HIT Coach Volume = the HIT Coach holds the licence and can teach at a Club/Gym of their choice.
  • $55.00 inc GST for a Hit Coach Volume = The Club/Gym you coach at is paying the licence for the program. The Club/Gym can have multiple HIT Coaches.
Is the music PPCA Free, can it be played in any Club/Gym?

Yes, it is completely PPCA free and all original. Adam proudly makes the music with a very talented team of artists and musicians. It can be played in any Club/Gym.

Where do I get the music? And do I need a special app to play it?

All content will be made available to certified Ride Revolution™; HIT Coaches via the Ride Revolution™; Website. All HIT Volumes come with a comprehensive choreography booklet and video masterclass.

You can use an iPhone or Android music player of your choice. You will then use this music player to create playlists when you are mixing and matching the 14-minute mixed conditioning edits.

How many HIT Volumes are on offer?

As at November 2022 there are 13 HIT Volumes!

These 2 x 14-minute mixed conditioning edits can be mixed and matched to create a variety of training sessions. Some of the earlier HIT Volumes also have a long version (30 minute) as well as the 14-minute mixed conditioning edit.

If you were to buy just the first two HIT Volumes you would have 6 different combinations with the long 30 minute mixed conditioning edit and the 14-minute mixed conditioning edits mixed and matched!

How often do you bring out new HIT Volumes?

Four unique HIT Volumes a year will be on offer to certified HIT Coaches. Stay tuned for themed and revamped Volumes.

Can we try Ride Revolution™ anywhere?

Yes, we have a vast library of videos on Facebook if you have access to a stationary bike.

Pop some headphones on, setup your media device and come along for the ride!

We are currently running live classes in gyms on the Sunshine Coast, contact us for details.

Or contact Ride Revolution™; for a showcase in your Gym!

Can I claim CEC points?

Yes you can! You are entitled to claim 10 AUSactive CEC points upon successful completion of this course. AUSactive approve the education delivered within the Scope of Practice for Registered Exercise Professionals and have allocated CECs accordingly to this program. AUSactive however do not recognise the title of becoming a “HIT Coach” as referred to within this program. Your official title regarding the claiming these CEC points is “Group Exercise Instructor”.